Lars Hufnagel
EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
Nadine Peyrieras
CNRS, Ile-De-France Sud, France
Ivo Sbalzarini
MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany
Jason Swedlow
Universtiy of Dundee, Scotland
Pavel Tomancak
MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Tom Kazimiers
HHMI Janelia, Virginia, USA
Rainer Heintzmann
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Jena University, Germany
Ignacio Arganda-Carreras
Basque Country University, San Sebastian, Spain
Tobias Pietzsch
MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany
Christian Dietz
KNIME & University of Konstanz, Germany
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14-18 November 2016
Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology, Max Delbrück Center
Berlin, Germany
Application deadline
15 September 2016

Modules and tentative schedule

Detailed Program

General Info

The course will cover fundamental topics in image analysis and thier application in biological systems. There will be theoretical lectures followed by tutorials where students directly apply what they have learned. The work will be performed in Fiji, Matlab, and KNIME. The course will be beneficial to PhD students and postdocs, experimental biologists and computer scientists, who are seeking a better understanding of advanced methods in image analysis and thier applications to biological systems.

Duration and Structure

The lectures and tutorials will be held Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Lectures are followed by hands-on exercises to apply what candidates have just learned. There will also be additional scientific lectures showcasing application of image analysis methods in current research projects. A computer room with preset workstations will be provided.


Application deadline: Passed, invited participants have been informed.


The course fee does NOT cover accomodation. However, the document linked below lists suggested accomodation options. The list includes some of the budget hotels/hostels as well. Traveling to Berlin is very easy, it is well connected by train and features two major airports Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF) served by almost all major and budget airlines.

Suggested accomodation options


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Stephan Preibisch & Andrew Woehler